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Role: Electric Guitar, Acoustic, Bass and Ukulele Tutor
Speciality: Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Popular, Rock,.

Meet Ashley!

 Ashley has been picking away at the guitar for the past 20 years, with years of live performing experience under his belt.  His taste in music ranges from Country to Rock, from Blues to Jazz, Reggae, and music from all decades.  He has been teaching on and off for 9 years, from beginners to intermediate and advanced players. 

So whether it’s time for you to pick up and dust off the guitar that’s been sitting in the room for the last 30 years or if you’re looking for a jam partner to exchange ideas or begin the road to being a certified Grades achiever.

It is never too early and definitely never too late to start. All ages welcome.

Ash is looking forward to hearing from you And booking your first lesson!

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Role: Classical Tutor
Specialty: Classical & Acoustic guitar and Classical piano.

Daniel studied guitar privately all of his younger years and then continued when he went to the University of St Andrews. He studied the guitar with Matthew McCallister who is a lecturer in guitar at the Royal Conservatoire of Glasgow. He has also attended masterclasses with world class performers such as Andrei Dieci and Pablo Rodriguez.


Daniel has been teaching guitar privately since 2015 after graduating from university. He has taught a range of styles but his main area of focus is classical guitar as well as musical theory. He currently teaches a wide range of ages from 5 and above. Daniel also enjoys advancing pupils to their grade 8 exams in Trinity.


Daniel also plays with with his own duet, Leto duets, and have arranged certain pieces of classical music for the guitar and violin from composers such as Bach, Pachelbel and Mendelssohn. Moreover, they have performed at private events in Cornwall since starting up just over a year ago. Daniel was also a performer in the guitar ensemble at the University of St Andrews as well as being a part of the jazz group there. He also played regularly at the jazz jam night in town.




Role: Acoustic and ElectricTutor
Speciality: Pop and Rock.

Ben has been teaching Electric Guitar for many years and has had experience in music and guitar for more than 20 years. He has also studied Music at Falmouth University.


Ben has a lot of performance experience as lead guitarist with rock bands and cover bands in many different genres. He loves inspiring young students not only in Electric guitar but in recording and producing which are his other hobbies.

Ben has been teaching at The Studios in Newquay for 2 Years and is very reliable and professional.

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